Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Layout: Virginia Vacation (1)

One of my desires has been to get more active in creating digital scraps with our pictures. I have TONS of materials to use, but just do not sit down and actually use them, go figure! Jay in his brilliance thought ahead and suprised me with ths converter thing for our trip last week. It was so when the battery in my laptop run out, I could plug the battery pack into this box that was hooked to the truck and drew the power from the truck. Sorry I can't explain it better, LOL

Have you ever spent time on your laptop going down Virginia roads? In a truck? Those b-u-m-p-y roads? WHEW! On the way up I caught up on unzipping all my files. On the way back I photoshopped after I knew which files I had. Have you ever photoshopped in the dark? ;o)
This is how far behind I was- I had a summertime blog train from last July I had never opened! :-O Bunch of cute stuff you will be seeing ... I plan on doing some blog layouts with them *g*

So, keep in mind I'm no brilliant scrapper right now, that's the goal!

Click here to see a larger view of the page. I thought the kit was cute, and has a neat texture to the paper. Below you can see the paper plus the text, I used the atomic cupcake "puffy felt" action for it to look like that. It's the same font as the below text (AKApprique Black).

The stickers in the kit was darling and I thought they looked cute over the "real" sand, don't you think?

Kit by "Dana", http://berrydelightz.com/
Template by Shanty / Nicole- http://www.sugarplumpaperie.com/
Word art by Norma- http://swheatcreations.blogspot.com/

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